Our Story

Who would you say inspires you in life? What makes your thoughts spin and twirl with excitement? In my case, it has always been life itself, and the blessings that come with it.


Mammals by Heart was founded in 2018, but the idea for the brand came at the same time as my son was born. The thought of creating something that would make him and other babies enjoy art at such a young age was what sparked the idea for Mammals by Heart.


As my son grew, so did my stories. He changed my perspective – and inspired me to view the world through the eyes of a child again. A world full of excitement, adventure and fun.


Follow our story and see how it unfolds. These are not just regular posters made by an artist. This is your child’s first introduction to art.


Lots of love,

Isabelle Malmvall

Artist and founder

Mammals by Heart



Mammals by Heart

Mammals by Heart is a swedish brand that sells exclusive children's poster with unique art designs that give the feeling of an original painting. Perfect for the babys first room or as a gift for baptism, baby partys, birthday, babyshower.

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